We are a consulting firm focused on building the Versatile workplace. We believe that masculine and feminine strengths are powerful untapped leadership assets both men and women possess. We provide education on the complementary nature of masculine and feminine strengths and gender. We support individuals and groups in the work of building belief systems and behaviors that create an inclusive and balanced work place that delivers on its full potential.


To balance masculine and feminine strengths in business and create inclusive work environments that tap into the full potential of every individual and every team. 

What We've Achieved

  • Improved personal effectiveness
    • Become self aware
    • Breakthrough limiting beliefs
    • Know your personal biases
    • Expand your strengths
  • Improved team dynamics
    • Improve cross gender understanding
    • Breakthrough stereotypes
    • Tap into collective strengths
“Everybody needs to understand Versatility Factor concepts just like everybody needs to learn how to read or get a polio shot.”
  • Improved productivity and profits
    • Grow innovation through diversity
    • Expand your market reach
    • Create sustainable growth
    • Tap untapped talents
  • Improved work culture
    • Move toward gender equity
    • Appeal to the next generation
    • Foster healthy work/life balance
“The Versatility Factor workshop is helpful to tap into my potential even more than understanding gender. I see this as a great tool for see how I need to compensate to be more effective.”