Simply put, individuals and teams with Versatility intentionally tap into a balance of masculine and feminine strengths to achieve personal and professional results.  The concept of versatility not only holds the power to help better understand gender, it also expands the very nature of business and opens new ways to succeed at work. 

Pursuing Versatility will give you...

  • Increased Personal and Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • Cross Ge nder Understanding
  • Improved Organizational Culture
  • Expanded Options for Problem Solving


When we dynamically access and blend both masculine and feminine approaches; we become optimally versatileMasculine and feminine strengths are equal yet opposite complementary strengths. To use both sets of strengths is not always easy and sometimes, not natural. Still, it is worthwhile to grow both sets of strengths and/or to partner with someone with opposite strengths so that we have more options to solve problems.

Despite movement towards gender equality there are still many barriers to becoming versatile including unconscious biases and beliefs that limit our options.  These days stereotypes just don’t reflect how life works. Roles have evolved and so have we. It is time to move beyond narrow boxes to access the power and balance that comes from integrating and expanding both masculine and feminine strengths regardless of our gender. 

We call the your ability to access masculine and feminine strengths your “Versatility Factor”, or “V-Factor”.  We offer an online assessment to measure the degree you self-associate with masculine and feminine strengths called the Versatility Factor Profile.  Your V-Factor profile will provide a measure of your balance of strengths.  Your V-Factor scores will provide personalized insights about your sense of self. It will also help you identify potential blindspots and unconscious biases that may be limiting your success.